Does Your Marketing Strategy Feel Like Playing the Lottery?

As a small business owner, all too often your to-do list is longer than your day.  Even though you’re not a marketer, you know that sales & marketing are vital keys to success. But where do you begin?

With more than 20 years’ experience, I will work with you to create the right marketing approach for your particular business so you can get back to focusing on serving your customers.

How Will Branding Help Grow Your Business?

Your brand is the experience you offer your prospective and current customers. If you haven’t clearly defined WHO your audience is, WHAT your unique offering is, WHY your audience would want to listen to you, and HOW to find them, then your marketing has no direction. It’s a recipe for failure, and the reason why 30% of  businesses fail within their first two years.











Discover the WHOWHAT, WHY and HOW of your marketing strategy. We offer a focused, start-to-finish program to launch or upgrade your brand and marketing approach. The end goal: more business and more of the kind of business you want!

WHO: Your Target Audience

In our current culture, being “everything to everybody” no longer works. Learn how to analyze who – which market sectors are best for you to focus on.

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The more narrow the focus, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. Trying to compete with large corporate businesses marketing to widespread audiences is a race to the bottom. Don’t be afraid to be boldly specific!

With exercises that are fun to collaborate on, we will help you define your Target Audience with demographics such as age, gender, economic status, occupation, marital status, and more. Then we’ll divide your main audience into “buyer personas.”

WHAT: Your Value Proposition

What‘s so special about your company? How is it different from others and why should prospective customers within your target audience choose you?

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The integrity of your Value Proposition is the foundation of your brand. It is your brand promise, and is something that must be scrupulously honest. For example, if you say you have “exceptional customer service,” it will have a false ring unless your customer service is truly exceptional.

With exercises using metrics and information on your Target Audience, we’ll help you formulate clear communication about your strengths to devise your unique Value Proposition.

WHY: Your Brand Voice

The Brand Voice is about being consistent with the voice you create – giving your audience reasons why they’ll consider you a reliable source for your area of expertise. Your messaging should translate your Value Proposition into ideas and language that your Target Audience will relate to.

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We’ll work with you to build content that is distinct from your competitors while being absolutely authentic.

We’ll begin with brainstorming on questions such as: “If your brand was a human being, how would you describe his or her personality to someone?” Then we’ll develop the “tone” of your brand voice that will be music to your Target Audience’s ears.

HOW: Your Marketing Plan

From Social Media to Advertising, Trade Shows to Podcasting, there are a myriad of ways to market your business. We’ll help you learn how to formulate a strategic approach that takes information from all of the previous steps to devise a plan.

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Your Marketing Plan will be as distinct as your Target Audience, Value Proposition and Brand Voice. We will create a plan that may include a new Website or redesign, a sales “onesheet” describing your offerings, social media campaigns, and depending on your Target Audience, a video, and/or a live or recorded presentation. Of course, we will be there to help put your plan into action!

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Peace of mind is having someone that fully understands your brand and keeps all of your materials on file so that you can call on us when ever the need arises. Whether you need marketing & design assistance on a weekly or monthly basis, or as-needed, a customized approach is what you’ll get.

If you’re still developing or re-thinking your brand or Website, we can help you evaluate their fitness and discover new and changing markets. Just ask for your FREE CHECKUP when contacting us.

Case Study

ETP Wealth Management

Branding, Website, Marketing Materials

ETP Wealth Management grew out of the inspiration of CEO, Bill Massarweh, a licensed Investment Advisor, Real Estate Broker and licensed Attorney. In addition to the above, Bill is an experienced businessman and a rare, honest person with a high level of integrity. He came to us wanting to attain new business, saying “No one knows I exist!”

The main vehicle for the business is the website, however it lacked clear messaging and had no visibility in marketing or search engines.


“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Lindy and Bostrom Graphics for more than a decade and am still engaged to this day! Lindy is one of the few Artists who can take a complex business idea and transform it into a commercial concept. I would recommend Lindy to anyone who wants to work with someone who ‘Gets It’!”

Ron Nash

LinkedIn & Career Coach, Author & Mentor; International Speaker, COACH RON NASH

“Ms. Bostrom is a person of deep integrity, who takes rare pride in her creative and technical work. In addition to being extremely competent at her craft, Lindy has a wonderful way with people. She makes the process pleasant and seem effortless, as she seamlessly listens and guides them to the result that they envision together. A superb individual!”

Andreas Eros

Physical Education & Martial Arts Specialist, PACIFIC MARTIAL ARTS

“We had the pleasure of working with Lindy Bostrom on several occasions, for several of our clients. It’s always a pleasure to listen to and watch a pro work. It’s great when a designer knows their fashion and graphic art history, all the technical stuff, and all the rules of the road from their own experience. We especially loved the way she presented the ‘story’ behind of her concepts and why it was the way it was. Lindy is very good at what she does.”

Alexander Irving


“Lindy has amazing creative talents and is extremely good at what she does. Our entire company look has been created and updated by Bostrom Graphics. Thanks Lindy!”

Tony Case


“As professionals, we all need help with stuff we know nothing about, or just enough to be dangerous to ourselves. This certainly applies to important things like Marketing and Brand Development. I am proud to say that working with Lindy for almost a year now has been a God-send.”

Bill Massarweh

Owner, ETP Wealth Management

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