Dubow Mediation

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For Jason Dubow, an attorney specializing settlement by means of mediation, we designed a site that at once projects trust and friendliness as well as very current style and therefore up-to-date knowledge and professionalism. DubowMediation.net

—Ron Nash, LinkedIn & Career Coach, Author & Mentor; International Speaker

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“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Lindy and Bostrom Graphics for more than a decade and am still engaged to this day! Lindy is one of the few Artists who can take a complex business idea and transform it into a commercial concept. I would recommend Lindy to anyone who wants to work with someone who ‘Gets It’!”

—David A. Stacey, CEO, DSI Financial Services

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“Lindy has performed excellent work for our company. She was responsible for designing our logo and it has universally been applauded as brilliant! I have since used her services for our clients and she has never let us down. Lindy is delightful to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering using the services of a high quality graphic artist. Lindy is a star!”

— Alexander Irving, Co-Owner & CEO, Esche & Alexander Public Relations

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“We had the pleasure of working with Lindy Bostrom on several occasions, for several of our clients. It’s always a pleasure to listen to and watch a pro work. It’s great when a designer knows their fashion and graphic art history, all the technical stuff, and all the rules of the road from their own experience. We especially loved the way she presented the ‘story’ behind of her concepts and why it was the way it was. Lindy is very good at what she does.”

Interactive Career Coaching

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We developed a second website for Ron Nash (Coach Ron Nash; Jumpstart Academy) that is an online learning system (LMS) being utilized by the world-renowned Pearson Education. This private site is a portal for students who’s universities connect with Pearson for online learning. More than just a website, they can use the system to further… Read more »

—Andreas Eros, Physical Education & Martial Arts Specialist

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“Ms. Bostrom is a person of deep integrity, who takes rare pride in her creative and technical work. In addition to being extremely competent at her craft, Lindy has a wonderful way with people. She makes the process pleasant and seem effortless, as she seamlessly listens and guides them to the result that they envision together. A superb individual!”