Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

While illustration is a honed skill in itself, the true art comes with the ideas that drive the image creation.

Zero Waste

Poster for the County of San Diego Recycling Center created for the city of San Diego during a project to promote recycling.

Mistral Soap Company

Original vectorized wreath illustrations for packaging of a special holiday trio of fragranced soaps for Mistral.

Each wreath was illustrated and then placed in the original wrap design. The final packaging was foil stamped in gold.

Laksmi Goddess

Original watercolor of Hindu goddess of beauty & Abundance for custom greeting cards and posters.
©Lindy Bostrom

Save the Males

Character creation and development for cookbook and TV series.

Film Guidebook

Custom icons for film guidebook. Final format: vector.

Morning Crew Music

Watercolor portrait of singer/songwriter Gary Taylor.
©Lindy Bostrom