Save the Males

Save the Males


Author and chef Gordon Smith finally manifested his dream of writing a book. Not just a cookbook, it is a manual for men to learn how to fend for themselves in the kitchen. While chef Gordon is an accomplished and serious chef, he wrote the book in a humorous, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. At the same time, the content of Save The Males is packed with useful information and a plethora of easy recipes for all occasions.
We created a character for chef Gordon that reflects the friendly, funny, yet sage character that is portrayed in his writing. The character was illustrated throughout the book with original drawings by Lindy Bostrom. On the cover, the chef Gordon character was inserted into the life-preserver logo that we created, as if being saved from the sea of strange culinary fish below.
The logo is made up of the universal male symbol, and simultaneously becomes a life-preserver, playing on the book’s title, “Save the Males.” As such, the cover was designed with a maritime theme.
The entire book was designed by Bostrom Graphics.

Book Cover

“Evolution” illustration for opening page.

Chapter Opener

Logo Design

Character Illustrations

Double page spread, chapter on “Rescue Remedies.”

Character icon illustrations.

Character Illustrations

Double page spread, chapter on Pasta.

Savvy on Waste

Savvy on Waste


SAVVY ON WASTE is an environmental organization committed to educating and informing people about energy consumption and conservation. The website was designed with a game-like quality. Users get to choose their avatars as they set out to play. The idea is to encourage interaction with a complex back end that calculates results of an individual’s energy consumption based on their data input.

We created the Website UI, UX and design, logo and avatar character illustrations.

Logo Design: Savvy on Waste

Savvy on Waste logo design, symbolising the global energy footprint.

Map-Control Panel Design

Savvy on Waste Game interface;
control panel map.

Web Design Savvy on Waste

Savvy on Waste Home page design.
(The website is still in development.)

Illustrated Avatar Characters

Original avatar character illustrations for the game in the Savvy on Waste Website.

Web Design Savvy on Waste

Website About page