Hand giving medicine to another hand with marketing icons ©Lindy Bostrom

A few weeks ago, I came down with possibly the worst flu I’ve had in my life, and after 60 years, that’s no small thing. Yikes. 

I wondered if I was actually going to die. Seriously. I thought: “Is this how it’ll go down? Pain & agony—a headache that is squeezing my brain so hard I can hardly breathe, much less think. Then it gets so bad that I black out. And that’s it. Off into the mysterious void…”

Fortunately, it wasn’t my time yet (obviously). My partner took me to emergency where they ran tests, put me on IV and told me it was a nondescript virus and not covid.

I eat healthy, exercise regularly and take my vitamins. But a virus is an opportunist. The doctor put me on some very effective pain meds—there are exceptions to clean living!—and I started to feel better. I felt soooo very grateful. 

I realized that all the stress I regularly subject myself to is largely unnecessary. After all, I’m alive! I even have food, water, a place to live, and a loving, dedicated partner, to boot.

Which brings me to this: 

You may think the health of your business is good…you’re doing all the right things and managing to keep it rolling. 

But are you prepared for the inadvertent “virus” that could come along at any time? A drop in sales, the loss of a revenue source, or an ongoing sense of overwhelm that’s compromising your business immune system? 

What if you had some great meds that could remedy your stress and reduce your risks? By “meds” I mean help. What if you had someone that could pick up the slack on the stuff that you’re not that good at, and don’t even enjoy, when it comes to branding, marketing and promotion?

What if you could juuuust focus on your clients, knowing that the business is being sustained, because you have some good drugs (ummm, I mean help!)

Help like:

• An updated Brand Identity attracting your ideal audience & their top-most concerns

• A freshly Branded Website that’s an effective online sales tool

• A Customized Marketing Plan that focuses your promotional efforts to reach ideal prospects

Think about it. Imagine how it would feel to have…

• A steady, reliable business that brings you security & peace of mind
• A monetary foundation that gives you the freedom to operate with a high level of integrity
• Ease in your day-to-day, so you’re able to focus on what you’re really passionate about because the sales & marketing is doing its job

When you’re ready to chat about the possibilities of a business that’s sustained with vibrant communications and a healthy base of ideal clients, drop me a line.

After all, you’re alive! Why not make the most of it?


Lindy Bostrom, founder, Bostrom Graphics

Photo: Olivia Crutchfield

Hi! I’m Lindy Bostrom, founder of Bostrom Graphics, which I officially launched in 2003 after working for more than a decade as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in NYC. I’m a “foodie” who’s into organic, whole, natural foods (mostly plant-based) and I’m a perpetual student, philosopher, and teacher of yogic principles, which is why…

Bostrom Graphics stands out in the health and wellness industry! Our unique combination of brand, marketing and graphic design expertise offers a unique blend of creativity and research that fosters a robust and thriving client base.

Our team is trustworthy, reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Our work has a lasting impact, as evidenced by the success of the many clients who continue to work with us. Below are a few select comments from clients:

  • “[Bostrom Graphics has] outstanding customer service”
  • “A fierce and unwavering dedication to quality and creativity”
  • “Helped develop a clear focus on our position and offerings”
  • “Her years in marketing and brand strategy and how that applies to website design allowed me to step up my marketing efforts and increase my bookings exponentially.” 

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in the trenches for years, I invite you to reach out with any thoughts or questions you may have about marketing for your business.