Attract New Business with an Effective Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy should involve more than a logo and font choice. Your brand is the experience you provide to your prospects and clients. Every touchpoint from the initial contact to the completion of a project should leave a person feeling a certain way—and that is the “Your Brand” experience that you will create!

Not only does an effective brand strategy address the concerns of your Target Audience, it presents your products or services as the solution. When approached strategically, your brand should leave people with a sense of satisfaction, optimism and inspiration, prompting them to take action—with you! This is the goal of our signature brand service, The Complete Brand Program.

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The 4-Step Branding Module

The first part of the Complete Brand Program as well as the Brand-Smart Web Design package, the Brand Module asks the question, “How do you turn prospects into customers?” You must first identify WHO your ideal customers are and WHY you’re the perfect solution for them! The 4-Step Branding Module takes you through the process of determining what type of experience your clients and prospects will have when interacting with your business.

Your Target Audience

WHO are your ideal customers? In our current culture, being “everything to everybody” no longer works. Learn how to analyze which market sectors are best for you to focus on. The more narrow the focus, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

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Trying to compete with large corporate businesses marketing to widespread audiences is a race to the bottom. Don’t be afraid to be boldly specific!

With exercises that are fun to collaborate on, we will help you define your Target Audience with demographics such as age, gender, economic status, occupation, marital status, and more. Then we’ll give your ideal cleint a unique personality so you’ll feel you’re talking to a real person whever you create content.

Your Value Proposition

WHY did you start your business? The purpose behind your brand is what will set you apart from your competition. A strong Value Proposition will help you become crystal clear about why prospective customers within your Target Audience will choose you.

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The integrity of your Value Proposition is the foundation of your brand. It is your brand promise, and is something that must be scrupulously honest. For example, if you say you have “exceptional customer service,” it will have a false ring unless your customer service is truly exceptional.

With exercises using metrics and information on your Target Audience, we’ll help you formulate clear communication about your strengths to devise your unique Value Proposition.

Your Brand Voice

WHAT do you have to say? With a clear Brand Voice, your messaging will translate your Value Proposition into ideas and language that your Target Audience will relate to and engage with. We’ll create content that is distinct from your competitors while being absolutely authentic.

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It begins with questions such as: “If your brand was a human being, how would you describe his or her personality to someone?” Then we’ll develop the “tone” of your brand voice that will be music to your Target Audience’s ears.

Your Marketing Plan

HOW do you begin to apply all of this newly formulated messaging to promoting your business? We’ll help you formulate a strategic approach that takes information from all of the previous steps to devise a plan that fits your business.

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Your Marketing Plan will be as distinct as your Target Audience, Value Proposition and Brand Voice. From Social Media to Advertising, Trade Shows to Podcasting, there are a myriad of ways to to appraoch it.

Taking its cues from your newly designed Brand-Smart Website, your plan will include an appropriate course of action for your specific needs.  Of course, we will always be available to help put your plan into action!

The Complete Brand Program

In addition to the 4-Step branding module, the Complete Brand Program includes a Visual Style Guide and a custom designed logo to complete your brand. This is a comprehensive approach that can later be applied to an upgraded Brand-Smart Website. Upon completion of the program you’ll get a multi-page Brand Book outlining all apsects of your new brand that will serve as a master guide for all of your marketing materials.

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