Wellness Market Mastery

Authentic Branding, Web Design & Promotion for Health & Wellness Businesses

Attract quality, long-term clients bringing you peace of mind.

Charge the prices that will sustain your business, leading to deep satisfaction with the way you can serve your clients.

Reduce the sales cycle, making it an easy “yes” for new clients so that you can focus on your client work.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You’ve spent years honing your skills as a healthcare professional, but it seems not enough people know your business exists, leaving you with too much open space on the books and too much time to be feeling anxious about rent and payroll.

You’re out there doing your best to promote your business, yet you’re feeling lost in a sea of options when it comes to marketing. You’ve been making do with materials that aren’t exactly clear and efforts that aren’t totally consistent but you recognize it’s not enough to hit your income goals. And all this while trying to see clients and manage the other parts of your business.

People don’t get why your services are an essential part of their well-being so setting up an appointment with you leads to responses like “when I have extra cash” or “when I have time to spend on my self-care.” You’d really like them to understand what you do, which would help bring you more paying clients and keep them in the game with you longer.

Through Wellness Market Mastery you’ll get…

  • A clearly defined, visually compelling brand that speaks to the needs of your ideal clients
  • An updated strategic website that carries your brand and gives clients and prospects a place to reach you, learn about your services, and book appointments
  • A well-structured, customized marketing plan that will enable you to easily be consistent and effective in your sales efforts, leaving you more time and energy to focus on your clients

Here’s How it Works:

PHASE 1: Your Wellness Brand

Attract Your Ideal Clientele & Gain their Trust

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In this 8 week phase we’ll:

  • Identify your ideal audience & their pain points
  • Define your unique value proposition; what sets you apart from the competition
  • Create Messaging that reflects the brand, common problems customers have, a clearly defined offer and direct path to schedule services with you
  • Create consistent visuals that make the brand easily identifiable
  • Nurture credibility and trust within your targeted market

You get:

  • A Brand Book defining your Target Audience, your unique position in the market and a custom-designed Marketing Strategy so that you know exactly what to do
  • A Visual Style Guide so that you, or anyone else helping you, can create marketing materials consistent with your brand’s look & feel

PHASE 2: Your Wellness Website

Guide Your Ideal Clients to choose you

In this phase we’ll use your website to:

  • Become an effective online sales tool with clear calls-to-action
  • Serve as a hub and reference for all marketing efforts (including social media, email marketing and any printed materials)
  • Provide detailed info about products & services plus functionality of a built-in scheduler 
  • Clarify exactly what is being offered and how it works

You get:

  • A custom-built website incorporating the latest User Experience design to make it easy for clients and prospects to navigate.
  • Added components such as an online scheduler, calendar of events and a newsletter sign-up form so your visitors can easily interact with you. 

PHASE 3: Your Wellness Marketing Plan

Effectively Reach and Engage with Ideal Prospects

In this phase, we’ll create your customized marketing plan to:

  • Help focus the efforts of promotion in the areas that will reach the most ideal prospects
  • Serve as a simple guide to follow so that the thinking is 90% done, and the execution is clearly outlined
  • Plot out specific campaigns addressing multiple audience sectors and/or their top concerns
  • Incorporates analytics to inform the efficacy of each campaign and how to adjust in an intelligent way that will improve outcomes
  • Involve research and audience feedback that will inform and bolster campaign efforts

You’ll wrap up this program with the tools you need to have:

  • A robust and thriving client base.
  • A healthy revenue flow that goes beyond sustaining the business.
  • Ease in your day-to-day to focus on what you’re really passionate about & enjoy because the sales & marketing is doing its job.
Lindy Bostrom, founder, Bostrom Graphics

About Lindy and Bostrom Graphics

Hi! I’m Lindy Bostrom, founder of Bostrom Graphics, which I officially launched in 2003 after working for more than a decade as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in NYC. I’m a “foodie” who’s into organic, whole, natural foods (mostly plant-based) and I’m a perpetual student, philosopher, and teacher of yogic principles, which is why…

Bostrom Graphics stands out in the health and wellness industry! Our unique combination of brand, marketing and graphic design expertise offers a unique blend of creativity and research that fosters a robust and thriving client base.

Our team is trustworthy, reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Our work has a lasting impact, as evidenced by the success of the many clients who continue to work with us. Below are a few select comments from clients:

[Bostrom Graphics has] outstanding customer service”
“A fierce and unwavering dedication to quality and creativity”
“Helped develop a clear focus on our position and offerings”
“Her years in marketing and brand strategy and how that applies to website design allowed me to step up my marketing efforts and increase my bookings exponentially.”

We are committed to continuous learning, a collaborative approach, and have a proven track record of delivering impactful, high-quality work that helps our clients achieve their goals.  


The Wellness Market Mastery Suite will take approximately 6 months from start to finish. Many clients continue to work with us after completion in order to continue the momentum of bringing in new business, but the suite is a stand-alone process that will lay a solid foundation for your continued marketing efforts no matter where you go.

    $1,995/mo for 6 months
    or pay in full $11,800

    Thinking this might be just what you need?

    1. Shoot me an email letting me know you’re interested and any questions.
    2. We’ll then book a Zoom meeting to discuss the details and clarify anything about the process, confirming we both feel it’s a good fit.
    3. You’ll then get a link to the sign-up forms to complete to get the project suite underway!  

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