Brand Wellness Services

Whether your needs are weekly, monthly or on-demand, consider us your Branding, Marketing & Design Department.

Our Signature Packages

The offerings below are popular because I’ve found that most businesses, even if they already have a brand, often need a rebrand once they understand the 4 cornerstones of an effective brand.
The Brand Programs all include a Marketing Plan that will guide and inform all of your marketing materials and startegies, enabling you to run a cohesive campaign with measurable results. Your website is usually where it begins, even if it’s just updating what you already have.

The Brand Programs

How do you appraoch your marketing? Do you have a clear idea of WHO you want to attract, WHAT sets you apart from others in your field, and WHY prospects will stop to engage with your content?

Often small businesses want to skip the branding step because they think it’s just “fluff”—making things “look pretty.” The immediate “needs” are regarded as a Website, social media page or fragments of a brand, like a logo or brochure. What’s missing when you skip branding is the approach, messaging, and clarity of your offer that must be part of any of these materials in order for them to be effective!

Approaching marketing in this way is like throwing mud against the wall, hoping…well, you know the end of that story. Random approaches reap random results. With the Complete Brand Program, you will establish a solid foundation from which to devise your Marketing Plan. You’ll develop the 4 cornerstones of a strong brand, which will effectively direct your marketing efforts with clarity and purpose.

The Website Plans

Your website is often the first place a potential customer interacts with your brand. Integrating look & feel with User Interface (UI) and cutting edge functionality creates the experience you want them to have.

Because 61% of buyers shop online on their smartphones before making a purchase, we custom-design your website to be adaptable to any device.

Whether you already have a website and are in need of an update that reflects your new branding approach, or you are just getting started and need a new website, there is an appropriate website plan for you.

Other Services

Content Strategy

If you’ve got White Page Syndrome (that dreaded empty feeling when you have no idea what to write about your business,) we can help. We’ll brainstorm with you to create an outline, write your stories and descriptions, or edit what you’ve started. Wherever you are in the process, you will never be alone!

Promotional Materials

Whether it’s printed materials, digital promotion, events, publications, or all of the above, your promotional materials often elicit a prospect’s first impression of your business. We’ll work with you to ensure all materials address the needs of your target market, are consistent with your brand and are created with the highest level of professionalism.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics will set your business apart from the ubiquity of stock art and meaningless imagery.

Whether it’s an impactful infographic, custom photography and video that elevates your authenticity, or original illustrations that delight your customers, we can create whatever your brand’s personality uniquely calls for.

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