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Hi! I’m Lindy

I’ve been helping businesses create, communicate and leverage their brands for over 25 yrs. I take pride in being an “outsourced” brand & marketing department for small businesses. That means I work with you as an independent contractor, but I am fully on board as a part of your team, tuned in to the current projects and challenges your company is dealing with.

Lindy Bostrom - Founder of Bostrom Graphics

My Story

An alum of Parsons School of Design, I lived in New York City for 20 yrs where I was a graphic designer at several ad agencies and design studios, ran a national magazine as Design Director, and started Bostrom Graphics around 1998. I pulled up roots and moved to San Diego, California in 2003 where I served as Creative Director for several companies in health and beauty.

Working my way up the California coast, I moved to Los Angeles in 2009 where I started working in film & television promotion and with public speakers & authors, in addition to art directing a local magazine.

Then, lo and behold!  I got engaged! I moved in with my fiancé who lived in the Bay area for a few years until he and I could make it back down to SoCal, settling in the “blissful oasis from Los Angeles,” Pasadena.

My main focus is on building honest brands for small businesses who care. The Brand-Smart Web Design packages are my signature offering, around which all else follows.

When I’m not immersed in Bostrom Graphics, I practice and teach Yoga and follow Ayurvedic medicine. Yoga & Ayurveda help maintain balance in my life. The practice informs my business relations not only in my constant thirst to learn about health & wellness, but also regarding personal integrity and accountability in building trusting, growth-oriented relationships.

What’s Your Story?

I love working with businesses in health & wellness, sustainability, non-profits, film & video, and authors & speakers—basically people who are out there to create positive change in the world! If that’s part of your story, I’d love to connect with you.

As my client, whether past or present, it’s my sincere wish that you flourish in the health and wellness of both your business and your life. And the story continues…

With gratitude,

Lindy Signature

The BG Team

Our team of experts in the fields of design, web development & hosting, videography, language translation & project management work together to build brands, creating a consistent look & feel across all touch points your customers interact with, including both digital and print. We excel in web design, social media asset design, printed and digital collateral materials, publishing, packaging, advertising, displays & more. In all projects brand consistency is a priority.

Lindy Bostrom - Founder of Bostrom Graphics


Head of Bostrom Graphics, multiple hat wearer, yogini and artist. I’m better once I’ve had my chai tea latte!


Hosting partner, developer extraordinaire, audio engineer, drummer and dedicated sailor. On a good day you might find him setting sail on the coast of Nantucket…just follow the beat!


Laura is a Spanish language expert, cultural ambassador and Project Manager. When she’s not helping us stay on track with multiple projects and deadlines, she may be teaching your children Spanish!


Frank is the quintessential director. Having directed and produced a number of popular television shows and films in LA, Frank may also be found on a quest for the ultimate donut shop!

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