Tell Your Story with Custom Illustration

A powerful image speaks volumes

With shortened attention spans and our fast-paced work culture, custom digital illustration is a powerful tool. It can get your point across with a glance. There is a meme that has gone around over the past decade or so that says Images Read 60,000x Faster than Text. The source is in question, but it presents a compelling point, as cited in this article by Matthew Dunn.

Your brand will serve as a guide for the type of imagery that works for your business, but when you’re trying to find an image that conveys a specific point about your company’s approach, stock art can leave a great deal to be desired. Plus you may find the same image on a number of other business’s materials. How embarassing is that!?

You may also need more than just a singular image, whether it’s a series of digital illustrations, a set of icons or an illustrated infographic.

Digital Illustration Services

Custom Illustration - worried woman
Custom icon illustration of megaphone
Custom infographic by Bostrom Graphics

Custom Digital Illustration

Digital vector art and traditional watercolor. See samples here.

Custom icons

Icons that serve as “mini logos” for each of your services; simple images that set your brand apart.


Using a combination of charts, graphs and custom art, statistics and facts come alive with a sharable, branded infographic.

Image adjusting

Retouching, Silhoueting, Color correction, Cropping, Colorizing, Photo comps

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