Your logo should reflect your brand’s message, your target audience and your products or services. While a logo does not make a brand, it is the icon that sums up the essence of the experience you offer. Professional logo design and branding services will give you the edge that gets your business noticed.

In-depth descriptions of our process in developing branding, logos and supporting materials can be found in case studies.

Real Estate Company Logo

Shafer Galligan

Logo for Real Estate company.

Steve Lack: AUDIO logo

Steve Lack: AUDIO

Logo for Audio production company specializing in Podcatss and Audio Books. Now offering marketing for podcasters in collaboration with Bostrom Graphics!

William Blakely Law Logo Design

William Blakely Law

Law firm specializing in Aviation Litigation.

Logo for non-profit collective helping immigrants


“Berkshire Alliance to Support the Immigrant Community”
Logo for non-profit collective providing assistance to immigrants in the Berkshires. Designed in conjunction with Website including search directory of local listings and event calendar.

Logo for Television Network


Logo for Television Network hosting independent films.

Logo for Career Coaching Network lead by Coach Ron Nash

Get Hired NOW! Career Network

Logo for Career Coaching Network lead by Coach Ron Nash.

New Human Project

Logo for New Human Project; an alternative approach to psychotherapy.

Tattoo Rx

Logo for Tattoo Rx; a high-end skincare line for tattoo care.

Strong & Stable

Logo for advanced fitness instruction.

Savvy on Waste

Logo for organization promoting environmental preservation and consciousness through education and community building.

Jumpstart Academy

Logo for career development and recruiting company.


Logo for a division of international company, Inabata America, importers of fresh & frozen produce.

Bear Berry Farms

Logo for Bear Berry Farms, a division of Inabata America, importers of fresh & frozen produce. Bear Berry Farms is a line of fresh produce, the majority of which is blueberries. The logo cues off of the name, making it a playful illustration of a friendly blue bear. Blueberries are a healthy snack for kids and adults alike, and fun to eat when there’s a blue bear behind them!

Bear Berry Produce

Logo for Bear Berry Produce, a division of Inabata America, importers of fresh & frozen produce. The logo aligns with it’s sister division, Bear Berry Farms, which features a cartoon bear image. A playful illustration of a farm is featured here.

Yogi Review

Logo for organization that rates yoga studios and instructors.


Logo for web host and developer, Genlack, LLC. This design creates a play between the negative and positive space, becoming a smartphone —using the symbolism of current technology and adaptability— and then the letter “G”, which is, of course, the first letter of the company name. Genlack is also Bostrom Graphics’ uncommon hosting partner. Check ’em out here!


Logo for Public Speaker, Podcaster and Author, Sally Hallada. The juxtaposition of the bright pink, script “Sally” to the dark, bold, sans serif “Talk” evokes a bright, sensitive and funny disposition which is backed by solid, reliability. That’s Sally.

Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance

Logo for NVAHA; an organization working to expand political will to make housing affordability a regional priority.

Coach Ron Nash

Logo for Ron Nash, Career Strategist, Public Speaker, Author and Business Coach. The hand written “R” at the center of the logo symbolizes the personal, individual attention that Coach Ron Nash consistently provides The deep blue, circular “stamp” graphic connotes the traditional symbolism of institutional learning, while the surrounding 60’s-era typeface suggests unconventionality within tradition.

Save the Males

Logo for Author and Chef Gordon Smith. Gracing the cover of his cookbook, Save the Males, the logo is made up of the universal male symbol, and simultaneously becomes a life-preserver, playing on the book’s title. Not just a cookbook, it is a manual for men to learn how to fend for themselves in the kitchen.

TCA Capital

Logo for Financial lending and investment company, TCA Capital. While contemporary, the symbol still evokes nuances of tradition and dependability. The orange triangle evolving from the circle hints at the iconic eye in the pyramid that is found on the dollar bill. It simultaneously becomes a symbol of growth and modernity as it can be seen as an upward pointing arrow.

Sangre Negra the Television Series

Logo for television series starring Eric Estrada. The tele-novela style storyline centers around a middle class Latin family. The Spanish title translates to “Black Blood.” As such, the series dramatically features the constant battle between good and evil and how the choices made will determine the path each character, within and outside of the family, will take to achieve the American Dream.
See the website (designed by BostromGraphics) for air times and news.

Waterview Realty

Logo for real estate firm specializing in residential waterfront property in Florida.

The George Washington Bridge Bus Station

Logo for the bus station adjacent to the iconic George Washington Bridge which spans the Hudson River, connecting New York City to Fort Lee, New Jersey.