Case Studies

Case Study

ETP Wealth Management

Branding, Website, Marketing Materials

ETP Wealth Management grew out of the inspiration of CEO, Bill Massarweh, a licensed Investment Advisor, Real Estate Broker and licensed Attorney. In addition to the above, Bill is an experienced businessman and a rare, honest person with a high level of integrity. he came to me wanting to attain new business, saying “No one knows I exist!”

The main vehicle for the business is the website, however it lacked clear messaging and had no visibility in marketing or search engines.

First, we established the GOALS:

  • Increase visibility in the marketplace
  • Attain 5-10 new clients

Then we formulated the APPROACH:

  • Build out brand identity by identifying multiple target audiences, value proposition and messaging.
  • Design a visual identity that supports the brand and messaging.
  • Create a marketing plan and branded marketing materials to support marketing outreach.

The RESULTS are still coming in:

  • We redesigned the website including a blog with stories centered around buyer personas. It just launched in May of this year.

  • Established widespread social media presence with 500+ connections on LinkedIn, while building followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

  • Created a newsletter with 100+ new members signed-up for the first issue which had a 69% open rate.

  • Insights into user engagement with content now drives marketing decisions.

“As professionals, we all need help with stuff we know nothing about, or just enough to be dangerous to ourselves. This certainly applies to important things like Marketing and Brand Development.

I am proud to say that working with Lindy for almost a year now has been a God-send.”

~Bill Massarweh, Owner, ETP Wealth Management

Case Study

CPP Connect

Website, Marketing Materials

CPP-Connect (Community Philanthropy Partners) grew out of the inspiration of CEO, Crystal Riley, who had the unique idea of connecting local businesses interested in giving back to their community with local area non-profit organizations in need of support, funding, services, and community outreach. The main vehicle for the business is the Website.

We created a custom-designed site including memberships and profiles, a messaging function that allows businesses and organizations to communicate discreetly and privately, and a complex search function that allows users to find businesses or organizations by business category and location.

We followed up with marketing support, including newsletter design, postcards and social media assets.

From concept to execution to ongoing projects, Lindy has been amazing, especially since I was rather clueless about the entire process [of starting a business]… Aside from her talent as a designer, she’s also the consummate professional–staying in constant communication, asking the probing questions that really get to the heart of what you’re looking for, and delivering on time and on budget. I couldn’t recommend Lindy enough and look forward to having a working relationship with her for a long time to come.

~Crystal Riley, founder, CPP Connect