A full line of hair care products catering to salon professionals. We positioned the company as a high-end, luxury brand. A cohesive marketing plan included social media, print and direct-mail advertising, website design diection, in-house sales materials, public-facing promotional materials and all packaging and labeling.

Working over a number of years as the remote design & branding department, we saw COLURE through several major marketing & design updates.

COLURE Course Flyer
COLURE Blonde Brochure outside
COLURE Instagram ad
COLURE Instagram ad
Colure Packaging
COLURE Sampler Box
Colure catalog cover
COLURE Hair Care Print Catalog
COLURE Blonde Brochure-inside
COLURE Instagram ad
COLURE Sellsheet
COLURE Trio Box Dieline
COLURE Hair Care Poster
COLURE website
COLURE Instagram ad
COLURE Instagram ad
COLURE Bottle Labels - full line
COLURE Hair Shaft Illustrations